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Property taxes in Florida are confusing and involve a lot of money. Our company was created to help Real Estate Professionals take full advantage of Florida’s Homestead laws for their customers and save them thousands of dollars on their property tax bill.

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A suite of tools to help with all of your clients property tax needs

Florida has some of the most generous property tax laws for homeowners in the nation, but they are also the most complicated. The Homestead Toolkit™ was created to help Real Estate Professionals take full advantage of Florida’s Homestead laws for their customers and save them thousands of dollars on their property tax bill.

Simplifying the complexities of Homestead and Portability for Real Estate Professionals

Realtors & Brokers

When dealing with sellers it is crucial that you check on your client’s Portability as early as possible. If there are issues and they close without fixing them, savings that could have easily been achieved may be permanently lost.

Title Agents

As a Title Agent, you are the first step to Homestead filing for the buyer and the last chance to check Portability for the seller. The Homestead Professional Toolkit provides all the resources you need to protect your customers from Homestead related losses.

Mortgage Lenders

Our Loan Payment Optimizer and Smart Escrow products make it easy for you to provide more value to your customers by offering better rates and providing more accurate escrow payment structures by taking Florida's Homestead and Portability laws into account.

Homestead Toolkit Pricing™

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What's included? Everything!

Unlimited Portability Pros™

Unlimited Winston™ Tax Calculator

Unlimited Homestead Reminders™

Unlimited Smart Escrow™

Unlimited Loan Payment Optimizer™

Discounted Homestead Filing Packets™

Realtor Assistance Center™ Access

  • Realtor Assistance Center

  • Portability Pros

  • Winston Calculator

  • Smart Escrow

  • Homestead Reminder

  • Loan Payment Optimizer

  • Answers to all of your Homestead and property tax questions

    When you register as a Realtor® with our Realtor Assistance Center™, you have access to our tax specialists for FREE whenever you need to ask property tax related questions. You can also use your RAC™ access to provide your clients with coupon codes that will save them $50 off the regular cost of $174.99 for a property tax consultation.

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  • smart escrow logo

    Check Portability Instantly!

    Portability can save your client up to $10,000 per year on their property tax bill. Portability Pros is the fastest and easiest way to discover how much Portability your customer has in their home. It will also identify any issues with their Portability that need to be corrected to maximize their savings.

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  • Florida's best property tax calculator

    Shopping for a new home in Florida? Imagine thinking that your payment will be one thing and then finding out that it is actually going to be $500 a month higher. This scenario plays out every day for home buyers in Florida. Why? Because no other payment calculator takes Florida's Homestead Laws or portability into account. Not doing so can result in errors of more than $800 a month! Winston™ is the only calculator built around Florida's unique Homestead laws and insurance risks. Best of all, Winston™ is 100% free to use for Florida home shoppers!

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    Say goodbye to big escrow adjustments

    Buying or refinancing a home can be stressful enough for homeowners. Unfortunately the way that most lenders set up property tax escrow accounts often results in big adjustments the first two years after closing. The way that Florida’s homestead laws work these adjustments can be very large - resulting in a borrower being surprised with out-of-pocket cash and a much higher payment than they budgeted for! SmartEscrow™ takes into account existing “portability”, actual local county and municipality tax tables, and other intricacies of Florida’s unique property tax laws so that the borrower’s property tax escrow account is set up accurately with no need for any significant adjustments in the future!

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  • Homestead Reminder Service

    In two easy steps, you can make sure that your customers take advantage of all the property tax savings and benefits available in Florida - now and in the future! They’ll see your image and logo and be very appreciative that you looked out for them!

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  • Accurate Loan Payment Estimates

    Get the most accurate loan payment estimates possible by factoring in the complexities of Florida's property tax laws. Our Loan Payment Optimizer provides calculations using traditional methods as well as refined and optimized results that take property tax components like Homestead, county tax rates, and portability savings.

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